Written by: Center for Care Innovations

In this section we’ve included several external resources outside of the CCI Texting for Better Care Program that may help your system establish a text messaging system, including: finding the right vendor for your texting program, how to low income patients can obtain free cell phones, and a C-suite description of how mobile messaging works.

  • California Lifeline Program – This is a state run program which provides free cell phones to eligible households. The attached document was made for Los Angeles Health Services, but is applicable across the state. You can also find more information at californialifeline.com
  • Mobile Messaging & Medicaid Managed Care – This short, 4 page brief, was developed for C-suite executives with an overview of rationale and process for setting up a mobile messaging program in their system. This was developed by HealthCrowd, a mobile messaging company for the health sector. This documents’ inclusion in this toolkit does not reflect an endorsement of HealthCrowd.
  • Text Messaging in Healthcare Research Toolkit – Developed by the Center for Research in Implementation Science and Prevention at University of Colorado for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, this toolkit provides a detailed overview on using text messaging for healthcare. This toolkit is not just for research and is relevant to a broad range of texting applications and contains an extensive list of references for further study.
  • Texting for Public Health Toolkit: Emergency Communication, Health Promotion, and Beyond – This interactive, online toolkit developed by Public Health – Seattle and King County provides tips and tools for implementing a texting program including the following components: platform, vendor, staffing, budget, marketing plan and evaluation plan.