This podcast is about strengthening the health and wellbeing of historically underinvested communities. Every episode offers new ideas and practical advice that you can apply today.

This toolkit consolidates the tools, resources and learnings of CCI’s population health program activities to support other health centers in their journey to value-based care.

Megan O’Brien shares some insights, reflections, and recommendations that will inform our work moving forward.

Tammy Fisher explains a framework describing what it takes to support high-value health care in safety net clinics.

CCI’s CP3 program hosted a webinar series on the topic of empanelment.

Dr. Frankel and Dr. Schillinger discuss techniques to uncover and identify patient vulnerabilities and resilience through eliciting patient narratives and developing shared care plans.

Boris Kalikstein from Pivotal Moment Consulting, and former CIO and VP of Strategy at Clinica Family Health, discusses key steps for using data and developing tools to improve care.

Program Coordinator Diana Nguyen asks, “When is it appropriate to be discussing patients’ social and cultural experiences during a patient visit vs. collecting the information through a tool? Is it…

SA Kushinka from CCI and Jerry Lassa from DataMatt3rs share a framework and key capabilities for developing strong data processes and systems to improve care.

This webinar discusses the key lessons, impact, challenges, and recommendations from the past year of CCI’s CP3 Population Health Program.

CCI Program Manager Megan O’Brien goes deep on how a meditation retreat informs her approach to primary care transformation.

This webinar series focuses on meaningful alternatives, including telephone visits, patient portals, and shared medical visits.

Learn how to tell your story and get people engaged in the work you’re doing with care delivery transformation by moving beyond the numbers and metrics.

Ben Grossman-Kahn from Catalyz and Dr. Carolyn Shepherd, former CMO of Clinica Family Health Services, share how organizations can effectively plan, manage, and communicate about the changes occurring…

CCI’s newest program manager shares an infographic and reflects on the power of going simple in a confusing world.