Written by: Center for Care Innovations

CCI’s CP3 program hosted a webinar series on the topic of empanelment.

Below you can find empanelment webinars that go over a variety of issues:

  • Why panels are important to patient-centered care
  • How to begin empaneling patients
  • Special circumstances to consider
  • Paneling reports and continuity reporting
  • How to determine panel sizes
  • The 4-cut method
  • Measuring access to care and managing provider/team panels
  • Strategies for reducing demand and increasing supply

Empanelment 1.0, Part 1: The Need to Belong

During this webinar, Amy Ham, PCMH CCE, shares why panels are important to patient-centered care, how to begin empaneling patients, special circumstances to consider, and paneling reports.


Empanelment 1.0, Part 2: There’s No Room

Amy Ham, PCMH CCE, presents on how to determine panel sizes, the 4-cut method, and continuity reporting.


Empanelment 2.0: Leveraging Empanelment to Improve Access

Dr. Carolyn Shepherd, former CMO from Clinica Family Health, and John Pendleton, Associate Medical Director from Petaluma Health Center share metrics for measuring access to care, managing provider/team panels, and strategies for reducing demand and increasing supply.