Take what you’ve seen and heard from users to reframe your project challenge in human terms. This helps provide a fresh, user centric perspective.

How To

  1. Use the problem statement template. Each team generates problem statements in the users’ words, filling in each of the 5 phrases. Do this for multiple users, capturing each phrase on a post it note, creating a matrix.
  2. Have the team spend a few minutes to look at the matrix as a whole, jotting notes to self about things that struck them, surprises, patterns and themes.
  3. Share the notes and discuss them as a team. Pay special attention to insights that surface that offer a fresh view into the problem. Sort and organize the notes into groups.
  4. Your named groups can now be used to describe what you have, help generate more items in a group, or help you see gaps you haven’t addressed.

Download the Worksheet