Telehealth is making specialty care more accessible for underserved communities. Telehealth can help your organization to expand provider networks, reduce patient and family travel distances and times, enhance primary care, and enable specialists to see more patients by using their time more efficiently and reducing no-show rates.

We are teaming up with the California Health Care Foundation (CHCF) and the California Telehealth Resource Center (CTRC) to develop sustainable models of telehealth in the safety net. We’re also partnering with three to five Medi-Cal managed care plans and up to 20 safety net organizations to improve access to specialty care for low-income Californians.

We are testing if telehealth programs can flourish in the safety net settings you work in with the staffing support, technical assistance necessary to achieve greater referral volume, and a consistent and predictable payment from health plans.  We provide teams with on-site training, ongoing technical assistance, and a learning community to share lessons and best practices with other implementation sites across the country.