Written by: Center for Care Innovations

In our monthly Colorado Health Innovation Community (CHIC) webinar, we set the stage for teams’ upcoming technology pilots by sharing a project pilot roadmap, support options, objectives, and lessons learned from our California Technology Hubs.

Stages and high level roadmap

We laid out a high-level roadmap, showing how the CHIC Catalyst human-centered design training intersects with our Technology Hub programming. We also shared the support available to CHIC teams, including project planning resources, example templates, and direct consulting support.

Pilot Objectives

The primary objectives of these pilots within the CHIC program are focused on developing CHIC teams’ capacity to define, vet, and pilot third-party technology solutions:

  1. Deepen exposure & understanding of how technology can support solving critical problems
  2. Develop the mindset and confidence to manage technology projects with outside vendors.
  3. Share what you learn with peers and the CCI community by collecting solid impact data, writing case studies, hosting site visits, preparing presentations, sharing report outs.

What I wish i had known…Lessons from California

Finally, we heard from Debbie Rosen at Northeast Valley Health Corporation, and our very own Kathleen Figoni (formerly of West County Health Centers) about what they wish they had known prior to starting the pilot process:

Read NEVHC’s full case study on their tablet implementation project.


An example from jefferson center

Finally, Ray Pedden, our Innovation and Strategy consultant, shared CHIC member Jefferson Center for Mental Health’s progress on defining their problem and needs around a telehealth solution. Download these slides separately.


Watch the full webinar

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