Written by: Center for Care Innovations

Catalyst 2018 Program Kickoff Webinar

CCI hosts a kickoff webinar for organizations participating in the new Catalyst program.

Laura Blumenthal, Program Manager at CCI, provides an introduction to the program and teams. Chris Conley, Lead Facilitator of Catalyst trainings, leads an overview of the Six Principles


Program participants who have missed the webinar or who are looking to revisit the webinar and overview of the Six Principles. Catalyst alumni and/or other healthcare professionals who are interested in a short overview of design thinking methods.


  1. Improvement is not the same as innovation. Improvement is about bettering current ideas, while innovation is about creating new ideas that lead to widespread impact.
  2. Design thinking are the mindsets and methods to succeed at innovation. Six principles underlie those methods.
  3. Your turn! Catalyst participants are to conduct show-and-tell interviews as part of their pre-work for the first Catalyst training.

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