Written by: Center for Care Innovations

Has moving to a virtual working environment made it difficult to collaborate with your teammates? Are you burning out on the same old Zoom calls that aren’t sparking ideas and creativity?

This virtual workshop demonstrates how to leverage the tools you’re already using to bust the boredom, engage colleagues and make working remotely more creative!


Anyone who wants to learn more about the different tools CCI uses to increase engagement, spark new ideas and conversations with a virtual audience.


  1. Hosting a virtual co-working session over Zoom allows your to intentionally recreate the accountability that comes from working alongside your colleagues in the office. Integrate visuals and music at the start and end of a session to help create smoother transitions for joining and exiting the meeting.
  2. Use Google Slides to create a shared “inspiration wall.” Or use this tool as a digital whiteboard for your team’s next collaborative brainstorm session
  3. Grab your smart phone and record a selfie video to provide feedback to a colleague. Skip the email and surprise a colleague with feedback with a personal touch!

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