We launched Spreading Solutions That Work in 2014 to prepare health care organizations to succeed under a value-based payment system and improve timely access to low-cost, high-quality care. Our focus was on solutions that leveraged technology and care teams in the safety net and building on the successes of early innovators.

Organizations chose one of five solutions to implement in order to gain a clear understanding of how to operationalize their project,  gain buy-in from key stakeholders, train staff, redesign workflows and build a business case to sustain the solution over time.

The five solution areas were:

  • Group visits
  • Medical scribes
  • Patient portal optimization
  • Telephone visits
  • Texting solutions

Throughout the course of the grant program, teams had access to a variety of tools, including technical assistance, peer support, site visits with organizations who have successfully implemented their solution, and coaching to help with the implementation of their chosen solution. In addition to standard programmatic support, CCI also offered webinars on topics such as sustainability, change management, and quality improvement.