Written by: Center for Care Innovations

The first in-person meeting for the SNAP-LA program, held February 16, 2017, focused on the theme of “Managing Data as a Strategic Asset.”

At the meeting, Jonathan Schreiber, Director, Community Engagement at Cedars-Sinai and Darren Dworkin, Senior Vice President, CIO at Cedars-Sinai gave opening remarks. Steve Barlow, Executive Vice President, and Cherbon VanEtten, Vice President Professional Services, from Health Catalyst, then discussed data governance and its “Triple Aim.”

Team worked on Capacity Building Roadmaps and listened to a panel focused on “Case Studies in Data Governance” with Anish Mahajan, MD, CMO of Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Stephen Gutierrez, CIO of Northeast Valley Health Corporation, and Meghan Powers, Quality Improvement Manager, Venice Family Clinic. Finally, we were joined by Scott Barlow, CEO at Revere Health, who discussed how to strategically leverage data.

Presentation Slides: