Written by: Center for Care Innovations

The second in-person meeting for the SNAP-LA program, held May 12, 2017, focused on the theme of “Managing Data to Drive Action”.

At the meeting, Mike Hirst and Melanie Binion from the Southcentral Foundation in Alaska showed us how to go beyond IT and build a data services department that supports all stakeholders. Jerry Lassa from Data Matt3rs led us through a practical and compelling dashboard and analytics clinic to help clinics enhance the visual display and analysis of data. And Boris Kalikstein from Pivotal Moment Consulting shared ways to turn data into information that engages and supports all staff in doing the best possible work for the patients you serve. Throughout the day, we also focused on teams’ analytics projects and capability-building roadmaps though facilitated discussions with our experts and idea sharing with each other.

Presentation Slides: