Written by: Center for Care Innovations

This document aims to help frontline staff, schedulers, and care team members determine if a patient’s needs can be addressed with a virtual visit.

The content was developed using existing resources from Oregon Health Leadership Council, Redwood Community Health Coalition, and other California health center materials. Administrative and clinical leaders from the Connected Care Accelerator, a collaboration between the Center for Care Innovations and California Health Care Foundation, and the California Primary Care Association provided ongoing input.

Telehealth is a broad term encompassing remote or technology-driven health care. For this guide we will focus on virtual visits, which is a component of telehealth. The effectiveness of virtual visits, which includes real-time visits between patients and providers through phone or video, for many health conditions and patient populations is largely unknown. This document is meant to be a starting point for providers and health centers as they develop their own practice standards.

How to Customize

We encourage clinics to regularly update and edit this Word Document. At the end of this guide, you’ll find a section called “Template Materials.” To add to this document, simply copy and paste the template material.


The California Primary Care Association and the Center for Care Innovations in partnership with Pacific Health Consulting led the development of the guide with the financial support from Health Net and the California Health Care Foundation. The Health Net Initiative, Community Health Center Provider Assistance for Virtual Care Delivery Project Overview, is designed to improve workflows for patient care by developing tools and resources to assist clinics in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their virtual work for better patient outcomes and staff/patient satisfaction.

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