Written by: Center for Care Innovations

Radix Health improves patient access by optimizing scheduling and patient relationship management.

Arun Mohan and Anup Lakare, co-founders of Radix Health, joined CCI’s tech Hubs to give us a demo of their patient scheduling platform. We heard from the two co-founders about how their platform can help balance appointment supply and demand, taking advantage of utilization analytics, guided scheduling based on predictive analytics, and patient self-scheduling.

For more information about the technology, visit RadixHealth.com.

This tech demo was produced as part of our Technology Hub program.

Questions addressed in this demo:

  • What kind of work will it take to lay Radix on top of EMR?
  • How can Radix be used with a telehealth program?
  • Can we dive deeper into the features and functionality?
  • What kind of productivity reporting can it do (for provider and patient)?



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