Written by: Center for Care Innovations

MIRAH is a measurement-based care system that tracks patient symptoms, measures treatment progress, and distills this data into insights shared during clinical sessions.

In this webinar, MIRAH’s CEO Mark Potter is joined by colleagues Matt Kastantin and Susan Douglas to demonstrate their technology platform.

Dr. Tam Nguyen and her team from Tri-City Health Center have been testing MIRAH for the last year. Dr. Nguyen joins this webinar to share how the MIRAH system has worked at their health center and with their behavioral health department.

For more information about the technology, visit MIRAH.com.

This tech demo was produced as part of our Technology Hub program.

Who should watch this webinar?

Anyone looking to improve their behavioral health department’s tracking of patient symptoms, measuring treatment progress, and using this data in patient visits to improve health outcomes.

Our big takeaways:

    1. Behavioral health programs must improve their ability to use data to impact health outcomes.
    2. PHQ-9 and GAD-7 assessments may not provide the desired breadth and depth of information your health center wants to collect regarding your patients’ behavioral health needs. MIRAH’s assessment can fill this gap.
  1. MIRAH has helped Tri-City Health Center’s behavioral health clinicians better engage with their patients and identify gaps in care. Clinicians are able to better hone in on what to focus on in each patient session and develop longer term goals with their patients.
  2. The data gathered through MIRAH has informed programmatic and operations decisions at Tri-City around patient panels, clinician caseloads, scheduling and more.