Written by: Center for Care Innovations

On this webinar, we heard from Sara Bader and Rishi Manchanda from HealthBegins discuss the key components involved in closing the loop on clinic referrals.

Sara and Rishi engaged webinar attendees in dialogue related to:

  • Best-practice methods to determine whether or not a referral was completed
  • Defining roles and responsibilities for clinic staff in referral follow-up
  • Identifying a change idea to test within their organization

Who should watch this webinar?

ROOTS team members and faculty that missed or would like to revisit the webinar. Clinic staff members that are facing challenges in closing the loops on patient referrals.

Our big takeaways:

  1. HealthBegins breaks down the process of closing the loop into four strategies:
    1. Improve the referral process – Consider making an “active referral” that directly connects to the community-based organization. This removes the burden off the patient to complete the referral themselves.
    2. Develop partnerships – Follow up with the community partner instead of the patient. This will help formalize relationships with your partner and develop communication channels to share referral and completion information.
    3. Technology solutions – Resource and referral databases exist to provide sourcing, referral and follow-up via a technology platform.
    4. Patient follow-up – Flag the patients that screen positive for a social need. Consult your list and touch base with these patients about their referral when they come back for a follow-up appointment.

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