Written by: Center for Care Innovations
Standardizing Developmental Screening & Management for Pediatric Patients

How might we improve developmental screening for pediatric patients in a busy primary care practice?

For Technology Hub participant Petaluma Health Center, developmental screening emerged as key area for improvement when looking at pediatric care quality and performance data. Previously, the health center would ask parents a few questions during the office visit, but it realized the number of referrals didn’t match the percentage of pediatric patients expected to have delays based on demographic data. As a result, Petaluma was missing patients who would have benefited from early interventions to address developmental delays.

Petaluma needed a technology solution that would enable it to screen a large population of patients using standardized tools for pediatric development. Moreover was looking for a fix that would minimally interrupt clinic workflow in a busy primary care practice.

We spoke with project lead, Jessicca Moore, director of innovation at Petaluma Health Center, to learn more about testing CHADIS, or Comprehensive Health and Developmental Interactive System.