Written by: Center for Care Innovations

This webinar was held for CCI’s Addiction Treatment Starts Here programs on December 9, 2019. Sarah Bagley, MD, MSc from Boston Medical Center led this webinar. Dr. Bagley discusses how to structure a program to provide MAT to youth and young adults and discusses approaches to tailor psychosocial support for this population.


Healthcare professionals who want to learn about providing MAT to youth and young adults.


  1. Naltrexone, Buprenorphine and Sublocade can all be used with adolescents, however there aren’t sufficient data to identify which medication is preferable.
  2. Transportation and communication are two barriers to treatment. To address those barriers, Boston Medical Center uses Uber Health for transportation, and uses texting with patients for communication.
  3. Retention in treatment can be challenging. Engaging both the patient and family is one strategy to consider. Clinics should understand state confidentiality laws to ensure compliance.


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