Written by: Center for Care Innovations

This webinar was held for CCI’s Addiction Treatment Starts Here: Primary Care (ATSH:PC) learning collaborative on May 22, 2019. Presented by Dr. Brian Hurley, clinical director for ATSH:PC, this webinar covers topics:
1) Methamphetamine and opioid use disorders co-occur and follow different consumption patterns. Buprenorphine can be safely prescribed to patients who use methamphetamine, and buprenorphine does not treat methamphetamine use disorder.
2) Review the counseling and psychosocial treatments feasible for primary care that have demonstrated efficacy at treating methamphetamine use disorder (there are no FDA-approved pharmacotherapies for methamphetamine use disorder).
3) Managing the buprenorphine diversion risks can help support patients with both methamphetamine and opioid use disorders, and this webinar will review the principles of buprenorphine diversion risk mitigation.

who should watch this video?

Healthcare professionals who want to know more about prescribing buprenorphine to patients who use methamphetamine.

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