Written by: Center for Care Innovations

“Being ‘trauma-informed’ means asking the difficult question around what happened to somebody, what they went through, which isn’t easy for not only staff members to ask, but also our patients to answer,” says Emilio Licea, a psychologist at West County Health Centers.

West County Health Centers was among the seven San Francisco Bay Area clinics that participated in the Resilient Beginnings Collaborative, a two-year program that strengthened their readiness to provide trauma- and resilience-informed care for young children and their caregivers. Shortly after the program ended, COVID-19 became a pandemic — on of the many crises now challenging clinicians and their communities today.

Watch the video (above) to see how the program prepared Licea and his colleagues for the COVID-19 pandemic, rapid shift to virtual care, Sonoma County wildfires, a heightened awareness of systemic racism, and more.



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