Written by: Center for Care Innovations

How does a health care organization begin to incorporate social needs information and work into its clinical setting? Learn how from HealthBegins.

Sara Badar and Dr. Rishi Manchanda from HealthBegins share ideas and strategies for optimizing the flow of social needs information and work in a clinical setting. They describe how to map your current information and workflows and how to identify opportunities for work and information flow improvement. Using Hayward Wellness as a case study, they describe how they improved the flow of information and work in order to integrate food insecurity screening.


Health care organization staff that are interested learning how to integrate social needs information and work into their current clinical setting


  1. Make sure that you’re rigorous, clear and specific about your performance target.
  2. Identify what process of information and workflow already works well in your clinic. Map out the workflow.
  3. Begin to identify opportunities for enhancement of workflow to incorporate social needs screening and referrals.
  4. Pick a few initial opportunities to build your new “upstream” work.
  5. Don’t work on a protocol from scratch. Build on one that currently exists!

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