​​In partnership with the Blue Shield of California Foundation, the Center for Care Innovations (CCI) has supported a series of programs focused on innovations in the safety net, including innovations in patient engagement and experience.

Using feedback from past programs and field surveys with our clinic partners, CCI aims to build on these existing efforts by offering the Engaging Patients to Improve Care program, which is tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clinic partners in this rapidly changing environment. The Engaging Patients to Improve Care (EPIC) program goals are to: goal of improving their health and health outcomes. Since successful initiatives build on clinics’ pre-existing strengths and resources, CCI is offering three options that support the overall program goals and are tailored to meet a variety of clinic needs.


  1. Strengthen the relationship between the patient, family, and members of the health care team
  2. Understand and incorporate the patient and family voice in efforts to improve the delivery of care
  3. Engage patients and families as partners in improving care with the long-term


  1. Patient and Family Advisors: Incorporate the patient and family voice into Patient Centered Medical Home and primary care redesign activities by creating patient and family advisors.
  2. Point-of-Care Patient Experience Surveys: Use short point-of-care surveys to gather patient and family feedback to drive improvements in patient experience.
  3. Communications Train-the-Trainer Workshop: Use a train-the-trainer model to improve communication skills between staff and providers and their patients and families.

Applicants can apply for one program option which is best aligned with their internal patient engagement strategy. Successful applicants will receive a grant of $25,000 to support the implementation of the program they select.

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