Written by: Center for Care Innovations

On this webinar, we heard from Carol Bernstein of Elevation Health Partners about how to use empathic inquiry within the medical clinic setting.

Carol shared an introduction to empathic inquiry, including its relation to cultural humility and incorporation of motivational interviewing and communication skills. She walked us through several mock patient situations, in which she provides some talking points and advice on how to support patients empathically.

Who should watch this webinar?

ROOTS team members and faculty that missed or would like to revisit the webinar. Anyone that is interested in learning how to effectively communicate and engage patients who may have social needs.

Our big takeaways:

  1. Empathic inquiry requires one to listen without judgement. Consider your: 1) sensitivity to information that is shared by the patient 2) body language 3) voice inflection.
  2. When utilizing empathic inquiry to solicit information regarding SDOH, consider: 1) the room/setting/patient privacy concerns 2) what the patients thoughts may be 3) taking a pause to assess the situation and continue discussion or connecting the patient to a resource.
  3. It’s important to stress to staff that they are not responsible for how a patient feels. It’s important to set boundaries.

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