Written by: Center for Care Innovations
Digitizing Social Service Navigation & Closing the Referral Loop

Technology Hub participant West County Health Centers (WCHC) connect their patients everyday with services that they need to improve health and wellbeing – from food banks to shelters.

Access Coordinators, Nurse Case Managers, and countless other staff members at WCHC have relied on a paper-based resource binder for over 6 years to connect patients to social services in the community. While this resource helped WCHC staff to relay information to patients, WCHC sought to more effectively update and navigate community-based resources, and close the loop to ensure that patients received the services that they needed.  We chatted with project champions, Kathleen Grenham, Innovation Project Manager, and Dr. Jason Cunningham, Chief Medical Officer, to learn more about identifying core needs, finding the right solution, and insights from testing a web-based platform, Purple Binder.