In the wake of the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion adding millions of previously uninsured people to our country’s healthcare system, it became clear that your organizations needed to work very differently to respond to the growing volume of patients and payers demanding high-value care. In partnership with Blue Shield of California Foundation, we formed the Safety Net Innovation Network (SNIN) to prepare you to succeed in this changing environment.

Twice a year, we bring together 250+ key leaders and staff from health care safety net organizations to support the adoption and spread of innovations to improve health and health care delivery. Our goal is to help you get inspired and rejuvenated, learn new skills, and better understand what it takes to implement innovations in safety net settings. We also invite leaders from outside the safety net to share relevant insights and create opportunities to forge interesting new connections.

We want our attendees to walk away with the confidence to develop innovative practices and spread solutions that work. We believe innovation is essential for the safety net to thrive in our changing environment.