How do you cultivate a sense of belonging?

It’s about creating an environment where individuals can define the impact they want to have for themselves and their communities, all while forging more meaningful relationships with others. This webinar helps us explore and operationalize the levers of belonging in our workplace and communities.

It’s led by Aida Mariam Davis, the CEO and founder of Decolonize Design whose experience spans community organizing, the labor movement, campaign management, leadership development, design thinking, and public policy.


Anyone who wants to learn more about the key components of building a space of belonging.


  1. You can create the conditions for belonging, but you cannot force the feeling of belonging. Belonging is only made possible by a combination of behaviors and beliefs.
  2. Signs of feeling and having belong include: motivation, vulnerability, confidence, attachment and shared experiences.
  3. Levers of design can be used to create the conditions for belonging. These levers include: ritual, space, role, appearance and objects.



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