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Grant Opportunities

CCI is a vital source of ideas, best practices and funding for California’s health care safety net. Through our grantmaking, we have supported programs and ideas that are changing the game for patients, providers and organizations.


  • ROOTS: Roles Outside Of Traditional Systems

    May 2017 / Social Determinants of Health

    Safety net clinics have long played a role in addressing the social determinants of health (SDOH). The origins of this effort can be traced back to the pioneering work on community-oriented primary care developed over a generation ago. This work emerged in conjunction with the development of clinics in the U.S., and made strong links between clinical practice and community action. Today efforts to transform the healthcare system are increasingly moving beyond clinical walls to address the SDOH. This move has also broadened the focus from providing health care services to addressing overall health and equity of communities.

Featured FAQs:

  • What types of organizations does CCI fund?

    CCI’s releases specific funding criteria for each competitive RFP. The broad range of non-profit safety net health care organizations funded by CCI is:

    1. Clinic corporations who provide comprehensive, primary care services, including family planning clinics, school based clinics, and American Indian Health Centers.
    2. Clinic Consortia that have at least 80% of their membership consisting of community clinics.
    3. Non-profit local health plans
    4. County organized health systems
    5. Public hospital systems

  • Does CCI fund organizations outside of California?

    CCI funds non-profit health care safety net organizations within California.

  • Does CCI accept unsolicited proposals?

    No, CCI’s grants are made through a competitive RFP process that is linked to one of our program areas.

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