• We believe that current challenges to the Healthcare Safety Net are actually tremendous opportunities for our field to evolve.
  • We believe that the right people, ideas and resources come together, resilient systems of care and treatment will be built.
  • We believe that the solutions we need will emerge as we continually share, test and refine the best future we can imagine.
  • We believe that a connected community of providers, supported by data and technology, will revolutionize

New Jersey Innovation Catalyst Initiative Request for Applications

The Nicholson Foundation and CCI are launching a program to train New Jersey safety net organizations in human-centered design thinking, and support innovative projects that improve care for vulnerable patients. More

Innovation Catalyst 2015 Request for Proposals

The third year of the Catalyst program will train safety net change makers in innovation and design thinking and support implementation of their projects. More

Texting for Better Care Toolkit

Through text messaging, safety net orgs can better reach patients for interventions that range from providing appointment reminders to disease self-management. Access lessons learned and download useful resources in our new Texting for Better Care Toolkit.

Texting for Better Care Toolkit
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The Story of Catalysts

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