• We believe that current challenges to the Healthcare Safety Net are actually tremendous opportunities for our field to evolve.
  • We believe that the right people, ideas and resources come together, resilient systems of care and treatment will be built.
  • We believe that the solutions we need will emerge as we continually share, test and refine the best future we can imagine.
  • We believe that a connected community of providers, supported by data and technology, will revolutionize

Webinar Recording: “Partnering with Payors”

This is the recording of the second webinar on Building Systems of Care in the Safety Net for High-Utilizing Patients covering how to partner with payors. More

Aligning Higher Performance Through Shared Savings Programs: A Discussion Paper

This background paper hopes to spark discussion about the potential of using shared savings programs to incentivize providers and improve health plan performance. More

Innovator Database

We believe that safety net providers can benefit from partnering with health care technology companies to advance health innovations. Companies in our Innovator Database are developing solutions for underserved populations.

Innovator Database
Featured Event
Featured Event

Safety Net Innovation Network Meeting

From 11:30am April 30 to 12:30pm May 1st at UCSF’s Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco, the Safety Net Innovation Network will meet to share ideas on how to ignite change in the wake of the ACA rollout, with a keynote address from Steven Johnson.

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