On this webinar, ATSH Clinical Director Brian Hurley, MD facilitates a panel discussion on innovations that have emerged due to COVID-19, featuring Renee Brissey of Hill Country Health and Wellness Center, Kim Moffitt and Diane Rooney of West County Health Centers, and Ginny Eck of JWCH Institute. ATSH participants then transition to Zoom breakout rooms for smaller group presentations. Topics include MAT in pregnancy, starting Sublocade, addressing stigma, and improving collaboration with internal and external partners.


Members of ATSH:PC core teams who may have missed the webinar or want to review the topics presented.

main session: DOWNLOAD SLIDES

MAT in Pregnancy Breakout: Download Slides

Speaker: alinea stevens, MD, MPH, Chapa-de indian health program

how to start a sublocade program breakout: download slides

speakers: david kan, md, bright heart health, annie mascorro, chapa-de indian health program

addressing stigma breakout: download slides

speakers: dominique mcdowell, marin city health and wellness center, laura wong, pharmd, sonoma county indian health project, albert titman, telewell indian health mat project, joe sepulveda, md family health centers of san diego

improving Collaboration breakout: download Slides

speakers: ben grossman-kahn, tim schmuckal, catalyz