CCI hosted a kickoff webinar on March 2, 2021 for organizations participating in the Virtual Care Innovation Network.

During the session, participants received an overview of the program, heard about Kaiser Permanente’s telehealth journey and were oriented to their program tracks. One of the highlights was hearing from Dr. Ed Lee about Kaiser Permanente’s telehealth journey. He left us with these final words, “Technology should not drive the operations, it’s the operations that should drive technology… so you have to figure out how you are going to run something and then you look for what technology is available to help you move forward.” Let’s all remember these words as we embark on redesigning virtual care to meet the needs of all people and populations. 


Virtual Care Innovation Network program participants who missed the webinar or who are looking to revisit the overview of the program and presentation by our guest speaker, Dr. Edward Lee, MD from Kaiser Permanente.

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0:00 – Welcome! [Download Main Room Slides]

6:07 – Program Background

19:18 – Program Overview

25:49Dr. Ed Lee from Kaiser Permanente | Kaiser Permanente’s Telehealth Journey [Download Slides]

51:55 – Applied Project Orientation [Download Slides]

1:17:33 – Clinic Connection Orientation [Download Slides]

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