COVID-19 Test to Treat Clinical Resources

Dispensing Medication

Soon, a COVID-19 patient can be on their way to receiving treatment.

In the resource hub below, explore resources on dispensing oral antivirals for outpatient therapy.. Use the drop down menu on the left to filter resources by audiences, from patients to prescribers.

As clinics launch new Test-to-Treat sites through the Test to Treat Equity Grant program, check back for updated resources and best practices identified by your colleagues in the health safety net.

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Guidance Test-to-Treat Playbook  California Department of Public Health (CDPH), Therapeutics Task Force. Revised: 6/2022
Interactive Tool Therapeutics Locator for Providers and Pharmacists  Administration for Strategic Preparedness & Response (ASPR).
Workflow Test-to-Treat Process: Telehealth Model  Optum, Inc. Revised: 5/2022
Workflow Reimbursement and Billing of COVID-19 Therapeutics  Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. Revised 2022.