COVID-19 Test to Treat Clinical Resources

Prescribing Medication

COVID-19 antivirals are most effective when treatment begins early.

In the resource hub below, explore resources on prescribing the right treatment for your patients. Use the drop down menu on the left to filter resources by audiences, from patients to prescribers.

As clinics launch new Test-to-Treat sites through the Test to Treat Equity Grant program, check back for updated resources and best practices identified by your colleagues in the health safety net.


Prescribing Medication Toolkit


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Interactive Tool Find a Test to Treat Provider  Administration for Strategic Preparedness & Response (ASPR) 2022.
Interactive Tool Therapeutics Locator for Providers and Pharmacists  Administration for Strategic Preparedness & Response
Tool Paxlovid Patient Eligibility Screening Checklist  Federal Drug Administration. Updated 02012023.
Guidance Paxlovid: Prescribing and Dispensing Information  Eddie G M Power PhD MBA GFMD, Vice President, North America Medical Affairs. 8/2022.
Guidance FAQ on the Emergency Use Authorization for Paxlovid for Treatment of COVID-19  Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Updated 02072023.
Guide NIH Treatment Guidelines: Non-hospitalized Adults  National Institutes of Health. Revised 2022.
Workflow Outpatient Therapeutic Decision Tree  Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response. Revised 7/2022.
Workflow Test to Treat Process Flow  Optum, Inc. 2022.