Sonoma County Indian Health Project

Their PHASE clinic improves care for patients at high-risk of cardiovascular events using a unique multidisciplinary team model, which includes an MD, a clinical pharmacist, an RN, a specially trained MA, a registered dietician, and a scribe. Visitors learned about SCIHP’s innovative approach to caring for patients suffering from diabetes and hypertension. They heard from each member of the multidisciplinary team that orchestrates a unique and highly effective care experience, empowering patients to take charge of their health and stem or reverse the effects of the disease. Visitors also had the opportunity to hear firsthand from two patients who have participated in the PHASE clinic and achieved remarkable health results. The visit left folks informed, impressed, and inspired.

This Perspectives piece by SA Kushinka highlights SCIHP’s innovative approach to PHASE patient appointments.


We asked those who visited Sonoma County Indian Health Project to create a poster and describe the process(es) observed, tools used, any aha moments, and any other items they’d like to share.