Innovation Lab is a testing ground for cutting-edge ideas generated by you and your partners. Your team’s on-the-ground experience is an invaluable asset in our exploration of how to improve health and deliver care in new ways. We’ll provide you the resources to bring to life the ideas that your patients, communities, colleagues and other stakeholders really care about.

Innovation Lab: Whole Health

For the fifth year, CCI partners with Blue Shield of California Foundation to seed safety net-grown innovations that better the lives of vulnerable Californians. Past cycles of this program focused on value-based care and patient engagement. This year in iLab, we are supporting bold ideas with the potential to address an upstream barrier to health.

Upstream ideas might take on a specific challenge related to economic stability, the physical environment (i.e. housing, transport, community spaces, air quality), education opportunities, food security, safety, or social support. There are many unsolved social determinants of health (SDOH) issues, and we provide your team with resources to make your idea a reality.

We want you to bring the best ideas from the health care safety net and partner organizations —- whether they are local businesses, public institutions, social enterprises, managed care plans, or nonprofits doing inspiring work. Your organization may be a lead, contributor, advocate, or advisor on a local or regional project to build an essential community resource, strengthen an existing asset, or enhance the community environment. How are you trying to tackle this upstream challenge in a different way?