CCI will introduce a new offering called “Leading Profound Change” where we’ll hear about change frameworks and how Lean, Human Centered Design, and the Model for Improvement can work together to create and manage change in our organizations.

On our webinar, you’ll hear from our main faculty, Christi Zuber, PhD (Founder and Managing Director of Aspen Labs), and Debbie Rosen, Director of Quality and Health Education, from Northeast Valley Health Corporation, about her experiences, good and bad, in making sense (and making use!) of all methodologies she and her team have used over time. This webinar is a precursor to the in-person Leading Profound Change workshop. Attending this webinar is strongly recommended if you plan to participate in the Leading Profound Change workshop.

Who should view the recording?

Individuals leading change efforts (senior level management) and individuals managing the staff and resources for making change (directors and managers). The same individuals attending the in-person Leading Profound Change workshop.

webinar recording

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