The California Health Care Foundation’s Sustainable Models of Telehealth in the Safety Net program hosted a webinar on August 8, 2018 on creating policies & procedures manuals for telehealth.

Every clinic has some sort of a policies and procedures (P&P) manual to standardize daily operations and assist with new employee orientation. Some clinics have developed policies and procedures for telehealth while others are struggling to determine the critical elements necessary for inclusion. During this webinar, Ampla Health, Neighborhood Healthcare, Shasta Community Health Center, and Open Door Community Health Centers will share their established P&P manuals with the group so that we can begin the process of developing a template for sites to follow when developing new or enhancing existing telehealth P&Ps.


  • Telehealth coordinators and managers
  • Senior leaders or administrators that oversee telehealth programs at community health centers

Supporting Documents

Example P&Ps:

  1. North Country Telemedicine Policy and Procedures
  2. Shasta Telemedicine Policy and Procedures
  3. Neighborhood Healthcare– Telepsych Policy and Procedures
  4. Open Door – TM Coordinator Intake
  5. Ampla Health P&P

Download Session Slides