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The ATSH:PC program’s measurement strategy consists of two main components: the capability assessment – Integrating Medication for Addiction Treatment in Primary Care – and the program measure set.

CCI is hosting three optional office hour webinars on March 8, 11, and 15 to provide a review of the measurement strategy and answer any questions. See below for recordings of the office hours and a compilation of Q&A.

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Questions & Answers

Capability assessment:

Question Answer
Where can I find the template of the capability assessment (IMAT-PC)? Download the assessment template here.
When is the assessment due and how do we submit? Due April 1st. Submit here.
How often will we need to complete this assessment? Your team will complete the same assessment for baseline, midpoint and end of program.
How will this data be used? Assessment results will be used for program evaluation purposes and to identify team needs for technical assistance support. Results will help your team focus on areas for improvement and to test changes.
Cover sheet: total patient volume – over what time frame? Yes, the whole patient volume, in the past 12 months. An approximate number is ok.
Cover sheet: for the Medicaid, Medicare, and Dual Eligible patients – do you want duplicated patients or rather “medicaid only” “medicare only” and “dual eligible”? Try not to have patients cross into multiple categories. The ATSH team won’t get too detailed on the percentages, we just want to examine major differences in payer mix. Ballpark estimate; teams don’t need to do a deep dive.


program measures:

Question Answer
Where can I find the list of program measures and definitions? Download the program measures document here.
What measures are required? Your team is only required to report on the three core measure sets (A,B,C). Your team may submit data on any of the optional measures if you choose.
When do we need to let CCI know if we’re completing optional measures? If your team feels comfortable making this decision by the April 15th deadline to submit the first quarter data, then let Meaghan know at least a few days in advance of your team entering data into the data portal. Teams can also wait to submit on optional measures in Q2.
What if we want to track data on measures that aren’t listed in the document? That’s great! We encourage you to collect data on any measures that are relevant and useful to your team. We also encourage you to collect and review data on a more regular basis than what is required for the program. We only require you to report to us on the required measures. You may find that working with your coach to identify and review other measures will be useful to you.
When is the first data entry due and how do we submit? Due April 15. Enter data on portal. This portal was developed by National Institute for Children’s Health Quality (NICHQ) in partnership with CCI.

The data entry form will be available starting April 1st. Data should be submitted for the period January 1-March 31, 2019.

How often do we need to submit data? Data for the required (core) measures will be due every three months. Click here for a list of due dates.
How can we learn how to log in and use the data portal? Team leads have accounts created and will receive new user emails with information about how to log into the portal. Requests can be submitted to Meaghan to have other team members receive accounts.

To learn how to use the data portal you may review this User Guide or this How-To Video, which is a condensed version of the full Data Portal Training Webinar held on March 18th.

What data formats does the data portal support? There is a built in form within the data portal where teams will enter just the counts numbers and numerator and denominator numbers. Teams will need to generate these numbers using their EHRs and other technology tools to get rolled up numbers. The portal will automatically generate percentages after numerators and denominators are entered.


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