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To help health centers better digest and adopt these integration strategies, CCI and the UCSF Center for Excellence in Primary Care hosted a series of webinars highlighting the ideas in the Facilitating Care Integration report, as well as innovative practices at work around the country.

Webinar Recordings

Care Integration Webinar #13: A Hospital System-Based Approach to Community Integration

Who: Children’s Health in Dallas, Texas.

Care Integration Webinar #12: Advances in Improving Social and Medical Care Integration

Who: Laura Gottlieb, MD, MPH, associate professor of family and community medicine at UCSF and the director of the Social Interventions Research Evaluation Network (SIREN).

Care Integration Webinar #11: Mapping Social and Community Data with HealthLandscape

Who: Jennifer Rankin, PhD, Senior Manager, Research and Product Services, at HealthLandscape

Care Integration Webinar #10: Health Coaching

Dr. Tom Bodenheimer, UCSF; Gladys Preciado and Dr. Jocelyn Garrick, Alameda Health System; Dr. Ali Khan, Iora Health

Care Integration Webinar #9: Team-Based Care for Hypertension in the Age of Healthcare Reform

#8 Innovative Approaches to Integrating Hepatitis C Treatment into Primary Care

Dr. Marwan Haddad of Community Health Center, Inc. and Dr. Lesley Miller of Grady Liver Clinic

#7 Evidence-Based Approach to Care Transitions

#6 Pediatric Behavioral Health

Ayelet Talmi, PHD, of Children’s Hospital Colorado discusses how to integrate behavioral health into pediatric primary care.

#5 Specialty eReferrals

Discussing Specialty eReferrals with San Francisco General Hospital.

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#4 Integrating Pharmacy Care and Primary Care

Integrating Pharmacy Care and Primary Care, with the University of Southern California.

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#3 Easing Hospital Transitions

Easing transitions from hospital care to primary care, featuring Dr. Susan Cumming and Terry Winter of Marin General Hospital.

Related: Connecting Hospital Visits to the Neighborhood Healthcare System

#2 Facilitating Access for the Underserved

Increasing Access for the Underserved with Barbara Mandel, Executive Director of San Diego County Medical Society Foundation.

Related: Facilitating Access for the Underserved in San Diego

#1 Integrating Diabetic Retinopathy Screenings into Primary Care

Dr.Veena Channamsetty from Community Health Center, Inc. and Dr. Tillman Farley from Salud Family Health Centers share how they’ve integrated digital retinopathy screenings into primary care at their organizations.

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Introductory Webinar

This first​ webinar was held in August 2014. In it CEPC offers an overview of their report and looks ahead at the coming project.