Written by: Center for Care Innovations

20:20 Hindsights are part of our Technology Hub program’s Learning Network series. In these sessions, CCI facilitates a retrospective discussion into tech solutions our Hubs have tested or are currently testing.

In this 20:20 Hindsight, CCI Innovation Consultant Ray Pedden summarizes the types of tablet-based solutions, as well as the overarching results, common challenges, and critical barriers faced across projects.


Any organizations looking into implementing or investing in a tablet-based technology solution.


  1. A wide variety of tablet-based projects targeted at a range of clinical and operational problems exist on the market.
  2. You can’t just “drop in” a tablet solution and expect success – patient tailoring and orientation, physical placement, and clear understanding of workflow and legacy system integration are just a few of the issues Hubs have faced in their pilots.

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