Written by: Center for Care Innovations

Idea: Developing tools to allow patients to tell their story and engaging patients around this information is critical to the success of a relational model of Primary Care.

Target: Explore the types of missions that may add value, the context in which the information could add the most meaning (e.g., case conferences, team huddles), and the manner in which the information would be best used for care teams and patients.

Project Highlights: Designed to gather patient-driven, relevant, longitudinal information that is presented to the healthcare team in a manner that is attractive and engaging, West County Health Centers used a corporate ethnography platform called “dScout” to engage patients in a new and refreshing way. dScout is primarily used by companies who are interested in gathering real-time user feedback and in-the-moment ideas. West County launched 3 patient missions (“getting to know you better”; “hope”; “my support”), as well as a number of staff missions to engage staff and build a “relational culture” in their organization.

Evidence of Cultural Change from the Innovation Process:

• Inspired stronger emphasis on a “relational model” in primary care to establish a long-term, trusting relationship with their patients and allow them to tell their stories.

• Likewise, the use of the innovation itself inspired a shift to a relational culture at West County based on a number of missions to engage staff, for team-building, and to improve care delivery.