The Resilient Beginnings Network (RBN) program hosted the 5th virtual learning session on Thursday, September 9, 2021. During this session, participants continued to build relationships within the network by reflecting on their RBN work, including how they have integrated content from past virtual learning sessions into their efforts.

Participants were also introduced to tools and resources to create an effective team pitch, which will be presented at the November 4th Showcase Session.

The agenda can be found here.

Who Should watch this webinar?

Team members from organizations in the Resilient Beginnings Network.

Download the Slides (PDF)

Resources for the storytelling pitch presentation:

  • RBN Storytelling Pitch Presentation template: available to download on the RBN Club (due October 29th)
  • 7-Part Narrative Framework video on the CCI Academy (24 minutes)
  • Example storytelling pitch presentationsThese are example team pitches from other CCI programs and are for inspiration only; therefore, keep in mind that some of the details of the 7-part framework vary based on what methods and tools were used in the other programs (e.g. the used “how might we” statements rather than aim statements and iceberg mapping/draw your experience rather than interviews/observation/journey mapping). Before watching, please be aware that these pitches include discussion of substance use-related death, sexual assault, and anti-black racism.
    • Del Norte pitch for Addiction Treatment Starts Here: Community Partnerships (starts at 15:00 and goes until minute 23:00)
    • WEAVE presentation for CCI’s Catalyst Program (length: 6:37)
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