resilient beginnings network Virtual learning session 8

Thursday, May 19, 2022, 12:00PM – 2:00PM (PST)


Session Overview

During this virtual learning session, RBN teams will continue to learn with other program participants who have similar RBN goals in Communities of Practice.

Who should join?

All RBN program participants are expected to join this call.

Communities of practice

During the event, participants will choose one of three Community of Practice sessions that best aligns their work in RBN. Each Community of Practice will focus on key issues for RBN participants. If more than one community of practice fits with the organization’s work, RBN teams are encouraged to split up to attend different sessions.  

  • Trauma and Resilience Informed Systems Training Implementation: Participants will engage in a deeper dive of the “why” and “how” behind the strategies shared in the modules. This session will help participants practice and embed trauma-informed strategies in their day to day work, looking specifically at the PEARLS and ARRC strategies, utilizing case vignettes and scenarios to guide application.
    Recommended for: any RBN member; recommended (not required) to view TRIS modules prior to attending.
    Facilitated by: Brianna Young and Jen Leland from Trauma Transformed, and Paula Gonzalez, Lead TRIS Trainer
  • Building Reflective Space in Reactive Places: Participants will continue their journey in deepening reflective practice with each other.  Reflective practice is necessary to transform culture in an environment that is overly focused on transaction. Participants will learn about, reflect on and practice the spheres of influence which can help them transform their organizational culture.  
    Recommended for: any RBN participant
    Facilitated by: Dr. Ken Epstein and Dr. Irene Sung 
  • A TRIADIC Approach to ACEs Screening & Response: Adversity, Distress, & Strengths: Participants will engage in further conversation around the TRIADS Framework (Trauma and Resilience-Informed Inquiry for Adversity, Distress, and Strengths). We will do a deep dive together on one of the pediatric TRIADS scenarios, brainstorming and reflecting on using a relational, healing approach to address the ACE screening & response case example.
    Recommended for: any RBN team members in organizations that are contemplating or currently screening for ACEs and responding, or any organization that is implementing trauma-informed care and wants to understand how to support children, families, and communities.
    Facilitated by: Dr. Dayna Long and Dr. Leena Singh 


Brianna Young
Trauma Transformed

Dr. Ken Epstein
RBN Coach and Faculty

Dr. Dayna Long
RBN Coach and Faculty

Jen Leland
Trauma Transformed

Dr. Irene Sung
RBN Coach and Faculty

Dr. Leena Singh
RBN Faculty