The Transformation Accelerator expedites the pace of change and improvement in community health centers working to transform care for their most vulnerable patients.  To accomplish this, the program provides:

  1. Fundamentals on optimizing population health management with a deep dive in topics based on region-specific needs.
  2. Customized technical assistance to help health centers identify their most pressing problems, establish clear goals, and evaluate progress towards their goals to improve population health in their communities.  

We incorporate population health management topics that emphasize team-based care, panel management, planned care and outreach, data-driven care, and how to develop, test, implement, and measure improvement activities in your organization.  Technical assistance includes visits to high performing community health centers, one-on-one coaching, in- person convenings and peer-sharing webinars.  This program helps to accelerate and strengthen existing efforts to transform care in safety net organizations.

In partnership with Kaiser Permanente, we are focusing our first two years in the Northern California and Mid-Atlantic regions with additional regions to be identified as the program progresses.