PHASE Overview – Historical


We’re partnering with Kaiser Permanente in Northern California to support community health organizations in reducing heart attacks and strokes in high-risk patient populations.

The program is Kaiser Permanente’s award-winning Preventing Heart Attacks and Strokes Everyday (PHASE), an evidence-based approach that first helped Kaiser reduce heart disease morbidity by 60 percent among its members.

PHASE is a population health management program to care for people with or at risk of cardiovascular disease using Kaiser Permanente’s evidence based clinical protocol that, when followed, reduces cardiovascular disease. Read More →

PHASE 2017-2019 Initiative Goals

Strengthening the Capacity of Safety Net Partners in Using a Population Health Approach

Over the past decade, the PHASE program has evolved in response to changes in the healthcare environment and increased capabilities among our partners. Today’s PHASE program is based on Kaiser Permanente clinical expertise and years of the on-the-ground feedback from our partners. We are always finding new ways to improve the program, tell the story of our collective journey, and understand the broader impact of this program has on our communities. This goals statement is designed to provide greater clarity to all audiences, using a consistent voice.

Thank you for being a part of PHASE 2017-2019. We look forward to improving patient care for all people, working side-by-side with you. Read More →


The Framework: Building Blocks of PHASE

You may be familiar with the Building Blocks of High Performing Primary Care, which are the shared characteristics of primary care practices that provide high quality, accessible, and patient-centered health care. The Building Blocks of PHASE are the core elements needed to successfully implement PHASE in a community setting. This is the framework for our transformation work and the basis for the training and technical assistance that is provided to participating organizations.

Building Blocks of PHASE Assessment

As part of the evaluation process, CCHE will administer a Building Blocks of PHASE Assessment several times throughout the grant cycle.

Assessment Goals

  • Assess clinic/health center capacity for population management
  • Use assessment results for planning and to inform technical assistance
  • Promote dialogue at the health centers about internal capacity and potential areas for improvement.

Download the Assessment