Addiction Treatment Starts Here: Community Partnerships Prototyping Share Out Webinar

CCI hosts a webinar for the four opioid coalitions participating in the Community Partnerships program.

Each of the four coalitions share their progress to date with building and testing prototypes for their projects.


  • Participants of the Community Partnerships program

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Post-Session Action Items



ASAP Register for the CCI Academy, where we are sharing resources for COVID-19, virtual collaboration tools, etc.
Ongoing Check in with CCI team and/or faculty if you have any requests or need support.
April 6, 2020 Submit Progress Report #2. Let Jenny know ASAP if you need extra time.

Post-Session Resources

virtual collaboration

Webinar | Take Any Research Remote: How to Get Rich Data Virtually (using dscout)
Webinar | Learn frog’s Blueprint for Navigating Design with Remote Teams (using miro)
Design Thinking Done Remotely (Comparison of Virtual Tools)
Working Virtually – Tips & Resources

peer support resources

Webinar | How Peer Recovery Can Improve MAT for Your Patients