How to Apply for Catalyst 2022


Before proceeding with the application, please read the program overview and confirm your organization’s eligibility to apply for subsidized enrollment. If you don’t meet those criteria, we may still have space for your team on a fee basis. Please email us if you are interested.

How to Apply

Step 1: Learn More

  • Watch Informational Webinar (Optional)
    Watch the Informational Webinar to hear a detailed description of the program and listen to some questions and answers. Slides from this webinar can be found here.
  • Read FAQ Document (optional): Read the detailed FAQ document here for more information on eligibility, project topic, and more!
  • Podcast: Do you want to be a Catalyst? (Optional)
    In this episode of CCI’s podcast, we’re talking about an opportunity to be a part of Catalyst, our award-winning design thinking program. Learn about the application process, building new mindsets, and how you can contribute to the future of community health. Listen here.

Step 2: Apply Online 
Your Team Member Resumes and Narrative Submissions must be submitted through the Application Submissions Form below by Friday, November 19, 2021, at 5:00 PM.

Applications should include the following:

  1. Team Narrative – Download the Team Narrative Template.
  2. Individual Narratives – Download one Individual Narrative Template per team member.
  3. Team Member Resumes for all team members.
  4. Letter of Support from Team Sponsor. This letter should come from the person or people who protect and allocate time for the team members participating in the program. If multiple organizations are applying together, a letter of support is needed for each organization.
  5. 501(c)3 Tax Status Documentation from all organizations receiving part of the program grant.
Next Steps 

Upon reviewing applications, we may ask for follow-up information or a phone call with the applicant team members. We intend to select 15 strong teams for the program. The full cohort will be announced via email by December 20, 2021. 

Download RFA as a PDF

Catalyst 2022 Application Submission Form

A joint effort of the Center for Care Innovations and Blue Shield of California Foundation.

Upload and submit all application materials via this form by Friday November 19, 2021 at 5 PM PST.

Refer to the Request for Applications (RFA) for program information and application instructions. Eligible organizations may apply with a team of 3 colleagues. 

Required Application Documents:

  • 1 team narrative - all team members complete this template
  • 3 professional resumes
  • 3 team member narratives - each team member completes this template
  • 1 letter of support from the team sponsor
  • 1 document of 501(c)3 Tax Status
Team Narrative: As a team, use this template to respond to the questions below, in no more than 700 words total (including the question prompts).
  1. Why is your team interested in building design thinking skills in your organization? How do you think it will be valuable in addressing the project topic you've chosen?
  2. Tell us about the specific project topic your team wants to work on in the Catalyst program. You could share background research on the issue; a personal story from a person affected; photos, video or a sketch that illustrates the current state experience—we encourage creativity. 
  3. How does your proposed project topic promote healing in your community? 
  4. Who are the stakeholders impacted by the challenge (e.g. clients, staff, community members, external partners)?  These are the people you’ll engage as “extended team members” on the project. 
  5. How will your team plan to listen and incorporate the voices of your key stakeholders throughout this human centered design process. 

Individual Team Member Narrative Submissions (three individual submissions)Each team member uses this template to respond to the questions below, in no more than 300 words total (including the question prompts).
  1. What perspective or skills do you offer the team that will be valuable given your project topic?
  2. Why are you personally excited to learn and practice human-centered design methods
  3. Confirm that you can commit to attending all work sessions, as well as participate in and/or watch recordings of all lessons. 

Team Sponsor Submission:manager with authority to protect work time must submit a letter of support that states:
  1. A description of how the proposed project topic aligns with your organization’s priorities. 
  2. Brief background on any experience the organization has had learning about, or practicing, design thinking (also known as human-centered design). 
  3. A description of current staff supports for professional development and engagement in cohort learning.
  4. Confirmation that the project topic will not expect to be solved by June 2022. 
  5. What role and involvement the sponsor expects to have in the project. 
  6. Confirmation that the sponsor will protect at least 8-10 hours per month for each team member to participant in program activities and develop their project between February and June 2022.
  7. Acknowledgement that those who are most affected by the project topic will be included, heard, and valued. 
  8. A commitment to pay people with lived experience for their time using Catalyst grant funding. 
  9. Confirmation that the sponsor will participate in the Team Sponsor Orientation on January 25, 2022. 
  10. Confirmation that the team sponsor will participate in the entire Catalyst Final Presentation on June 24, 2022. 

You can find program eligibility information in the Overview tab of the RFA. If your organization is ineligible, but would be interested in participating on a fee basis, please email [email protected]

Organization Information

If Applicable: Fiscal Sponsor Information

CEO Contact 

Grant Manager Contact 

Sponsor Letter of Support
Only one letter from a team sponsor (manager) is required for all Catalyst applicants from the organization. The sponsor commits to the terms and expectations of the Innovation Catalyst Program as outlined in the RFA. Refer to the Team Sponsor Submission section above.

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Team Narrative
Please submit your team narrative below. Refer to the Team Narrative Template.

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Additional Team Members

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