Illari (she/her/ella) works to place community wisdom at the forefront of her work here at CCI and is eager to continue to develop a thorough practicum of care for the communities that both she and CCI work to support on the day by day.

In developing her burgeoning career, Illari has found herself consistently questioning what sustainable support networks can look like for herself and the communities she loves so dearly. Beginning her work in community positions designing/facilitating programs for Queer and Trans mental health, cross-community connection, and cultural preservation, Illari found herself deeply invested in amplifying the voices of her community from early on in her career.

Taking this love to the world of public policy, Illari found herself drawn to racial and environmental justice work due to their strong proximity to population health. However, in her work building tribal collaboration in local government, she found herself craving the direct interaction and advocacy that birthed her interest in the field.

After much contemplation, Illari decided to explore the mental health field as a case manager for homeless families in San Francisco. As she learned more about the ways that safety net providers care for and integrate themselves into the communities they support, she recognized a systemic need for change in the field after witnessing continuous burnout. Thus, she sought out to find a workplace that was aligned with this mission to create and discover sustainable community care; bringing her to her work at CCI today.

Taking lessons from her time in direct service work, Illari received a bachelor’s degree in public policy with a concentration in law and the legal system from Stanford University. Outside of work, she is an avid artist, dancer, writer, and budding musician. She adores going on adventures to find pretty sights, great food, and new friends to introduce to the fur babies at home.