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We’re showcasing the latest from the technology industry’s leading innovators.

We are launching this experiment to connect mission-aligned technologies with safety net providers to accelerate the spread and adoption successful healthcare innovations.

Below, view brief videos from technology companies overviewing their solutions from the provider perspective. We hope to use this opportunity to provide coaching and feedback to founders, especially those who are underrepresented.

After we gather Tech Hubs collective level of interest in these companies, we will use this information to plan future engagement opportunities with the vendors.

Explore the menu of videos below and click the “Get in Touch” button located at the top and bottom of this page to access the form to express your interest in learning more and to provide feedback on the solutions and presentations. The founders are experimenting with us, too!

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Aqueduct is a digital platform for reducing appointment no shows.

Their unique three-pronged approach translates the science of behavior change into a comprehensive tool for patients and providers. Their platform:

  • Manages patient rewards for attending appointments
  • Offers personalized educational and motivational messages
  • Provides clinic support tools for securing patient transportation services

Aqueduct is seeking six safety net clinics to partner on a clinical pilot study with National Institutes of Health (NIH), NINR Grant 1R44NR02032. This NIH-funded study is to test Aqueduct on complex patient adherence challenges. Select “Get in Touch” above for more information.

Aqueduct Website




Malama Health is a mobile solution to provide tech-enabled care to people managing gestational diabetes.

Malama Health, an app founded by a team of Stanford University graduates, offers personalized support for those who are pregnant and experiencing diabetes.. Malama makes it easy for patients to log and track their health data to reduce the likelihood of C-section and preterm birth.

Malama makes it easy for patients to monitor glucose levels and meals, view health trends, and share their data with their providers. Malama also reduces administrative burden by avoiding manual data entry and enabling remote patient monitoring.

This app is HIPAA compliant and available in English and Spanish for iOS/Android devices.

The Malama team is partnering with Stanford University on an IRB study and are looking to pilot with community health clinics with large Medicaid patient populations. Select “Get in Touch” above for more information.

Malama Website




Samaritan is a support platform empowering people without stable housing to reach their life goals.

Health and human services deploy Samaritan to provide hope to hardest-to-reach populations, engaging them into the social and financial support needed to find a home. Samaritan enters communities with local care partners to reach last-mile individuals with a Samaritan Membership. Samaritan Members share their goals, needs, and action steps, receiving a smart wallet in return. From there, Members access social and financial support from Samaritan to meet needs (such as clothing, bills, or move-in fees) and take action towards their goals (such as meeting with a housing specialist, getting a job application in, or accessing primary care).

The platform has helped individuals gain the needed capacity to reach a social and physical home. These life-changing outcomes are associated with life-changing health improvement, with ≥11% reductions in emergency-driven care.

Read more about Samaritan’s work with people experiencing houselessness in Seattle. 

Samaritan Website

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