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Innovation Network

​CCI’s Safety Net Innovation Network (SNIN) convenes key leaders and staff from health care safety net organizations to support adoption and spread of innovations that improve care delivery with the aims of better health, improved patient experience and lower costs of care. CCI, in partnership with Blue Shield of California Foundation, formed this network because the health care safety net gets stronger with each connection we make and innovation we share.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act promises to insure millions of uninsured Californians and reshape many programs that support the safety net. These challenges to the health care safety net are actually tremendous opportunities for our field to evolve. Safety net providers must change the way they deliver care to succeed in an environment where more patients will have a choice of provider, and where payers will increasingly demand evidence of high-value care. The safety net must innovate and implement changes in care delivery that achieve the Triple Aim of better health outcomes, improved patient experience and lower per-capita cost of care. The SNIN will provide safety net leaders with technical assistance and learning opportunities to build skills, interest and leadership around innovative approaches. Participants from community clinics, clinic consortia, county primary care and public hospital outpatient clinics will connect in person and online to share ideas.