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Who We Are

CCI — the Center for Care Innovations — is a vital source of ideas, best practices and funding for California’s health care safety net. By bringing people and resources together, we accelerate innovations for healthy people and healthy communities.

  • We are thought leaders — providing clear, unbiased and reliable research and evaluations on what works and what’s ahead
  • We are facilitators — hosting a collaborative search for solutions that will improve health care delivery and transform the safety net into a model to emulate
  • We are grantmakers — offering critical resources to service providers in the field

For more than a decade we’ve been exploring and mapping the terrain of California’s health care safety net. Today, we have the unique expertise to forge connections and share ideas to strengthen the safety net. CCI can help both foundations and the service providers they support find partners, take advantage of best practices, learn from failures and build on each other’s work.

CCI: A Place to Connect and Collaborate

Clinics come to us to get connected to critical funding, assistance in selecting and implementing the right practices and new ideas for programs that build the health of communities beyond the walls of the clinics themselves. Foundations rely on us as an impartial and trustworthy guide as we help them connect to programs worth investing in, strategically build off of each other’s work and translate mountains of often conflicting data into coherent theories of what works and what’s most ready to scale. For all of our partners, CCI is a place to connect and collaborate with peers from across the field as we boldly take on — and help solve — California’s toughest community health challenges. For those of us providing healthcare to California’s underserved communities, it’s time to ask the big questions. Like “Can we work together to make the very idea of an ‘underserved community’ a relic of the past?” And “How can safety net clinics become a model to emulate?” And most importantly, “How can we build lasting health in our patients by vastly improving the health of the communities in which they live?”

CCI: A Relentless Focus on What Works

Of course, it’s hard to focus on the bigger picture when the day-to-day is so demanding. Whether you are a practitioner, funder, or researcher, you’re short on time, or staff, or money. Likely, you’re short on all three. But you are not alone. CCI offers you the chance to collaborate with top innovators in the field, find the credible and impartial information you need and gain access to critical funding – we’ve already distributed more than $96 million to California’s community clinics. Alone, we can continue efforts to plug the gaps in a broken system. Together, we can realize a much bigger vision – culturally competent health centers that are the foundation of thriving communities across California. These centers will use better technology to carefully track patient health status, find reliable funding from diverse sources, enjoy reduced administrative costs, and build a rich network of collaboration.

The Center for Care Innovations is a project of Tides Center.