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San Francisco Department of Public Health

Location: San Francisco

Grant Period: August 2013 - July 2015

Amount: $100,000

​Innovation Center for the Safety Net grantees will collectively develop systems and approaches to identify, test, implement and evaluate innovations to help transform their organizations. Their experience will offer other safety net organizations an understanding of how best to support the implementation of successful innovations in their organizations.

The San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) currently features several innovation homes, such as the Center for Innovation in Access and Quality and Center for Learning and Innovation, that support testing, implementation, evaluation, and spread of innovations. This hub has expertise in implementation science, utilizing actionable data, assessing cost‐effectiveness, health economics, technology assessments, health services research, and assessments of patient/provider experience. They will be a platform for sharing and collaboration to maximize effectiveness of system‐wide innovation efforts.

SFDPH will develop efficient ways work with vendors to design appropriate service and reimbursement models and explore various mutually‐beneficial funding models. They will work to articulate their value as an innovation partner, and to limit barriers such as risk aversion, resistance to behavior change, cultural division, viscous bureaucracies, complex stakeholder relationships and motivations, lack of business and innovation agility, among others.

SFDPH partnering care sites include San Francisco General Hospital, Community-Oriented Primary Care , and Community Behavioral Health Services. SFDPH also includes Jail Health. Sites determined to be the most appropriate targets for innovation will be targeted for implementation.

Priority Areas: Access (alternative visit types), Patient Experience,Complex Chronic / High Cost, Care Transitions, Data Analytics and Global Stratification.